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Inventory Management


Silverlake SB CIO

Entry level inventory check in check out (SB CIO) software for small tool room inventory control. Runs on a single standalone PC. History of check in / out activity can be reported easily. Tool/inventory history can be reported. The criteria / filters are flexible...There are many more features available. Those are very intuitive and user friendly. The program is designed by a group of experts in the inventory management industry to serve the inventory check in / out needs of small business. Examples of use are: as small video rental kiosk or small tool room/trailer where you do not want to spend a fortune on an overkill software system. Sometimes all you need is a simple and reliable, easy to use system like this one.

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Tool .Net

Silverlake Tool .Net

Enterprise level inventory check in/out system for large global organization. Runs on any PC with Internet access and Internet Explorer. No plugin is needed on the browser side. The mobile module runs on any Pocket PC based mobile handheld devices.

Admin functions

  • Login / Logout
  • Admin level screen for adding new web login users
  • Admin screen to authorize a user to run which tool rooms
  • User can change his/her own password
  • Individual user can setup his/her preference: can specify default tool room and project if the user is authorized to access more than one tool room

Maintenance functions

  • User can modify the text description of inventory types
  • User can add/modify unlimited number of inventory classifications
  • User can add/modify unlimited number of inventory catalog
  • User can build kit (new feature) for quick check-out of a set of items
  • User can maintain list of people (employees) eligible to BE issued items
  • User can maintain company information of the field contractors (employee)
  • User can add warehouses (i.e., tool rooms)
  • User can use the notion of “Site” to group tool rooms
  • Users can add work orders so the check-out screen can verify the work orders

Operations (Transactional Actions)

  • Inventory Receiving by Inventory Catalog ID
  • Inventory Check Out with quick search for employee and for inventory
  • Inventory sale (check out but not required to return)
  • Inventory Assignment (check out for a pre-defined length of time before overdue)
  • Transfer inventory out of a tool room
  • Transfer inventory into a tool room

Note: all operations (transactional actions) are designed for barcode scanner for speedy data entry


About 30 reports are built-in and more can be built-in per your request.

Since reports are varying from customer to customer, we encourage you to design your own reports by accessing the SQL Server database.

Try Silverlake Tool .Net Live (please cotact us if you need login for the first time)

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Silverlake OCTG .Net

State of the art inventory control and work-flow software system for the storage, handling, inspection, and reporting of oil country tubular goods (OCTG).

Primary Features:

1. Inventory Receiving.

2. Inventory Movement.

3. Inventory Shipping.

4. Inventory Tally.

5. Work Order Management.

6. Real-time Interface with QuickBooks.

System Modules:

1. Windows browser-based module runs on IIS5/6.

2. Client side requires only IE5 or higher. No plugin is needed on the browser side.

3. Hand-held device client (windows mobile 5).

4. Windows client module is available when speed is critical.

Read the Getting Started User Guide (please cotact us if you need to see a demo)

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Imaging .Net

Silverlake Document Tracking Multi-User

Allows the users to use a document scanner to scan the paper works into image file and store in a SQL Server database. Document becomes accessible for all people with login permissions. It also allows the storage of existing software files into the database. Ideal for archiving old physical files for search and retrieval later.

Primary Features:

1. Scan physical piece/stack of files into image(s). Works with any TWAIN compatible business/personal scanners.

2. Quick search and retrieval of image(s).

3. Editing capabilities.

4. Flexibility: Storage of other file types.

5. Easy to use: Drag-and-drop user interface.

6. Stability: SQL Server based - files contents are stored in database.

System Modules:

1. SQL Server Database backend.

2. Client Software.

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What other people have to say about us

After having evaluated so many different tool room programs in the past years, ICICO stands out because of its simplicity and intuitive layout for tool room managers like myself.

Store manager of a major rental company

...Thanks again for the customized PB training. I couldn't get better information if I signed up for a professional class.

Senior IT staff of a pipeline threading and inspection facility

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate your commitment to this project and cooperation with selection of a person to support your work.

Operation manager of a pipline threading and inspection facility

Great Work, very impressive. Their system is updated with the Min/Max levels and the AutoGenerate worked great. The user is very happy. Thanks again for an excellent job.

Owner of a warehouse management services company