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Silverlake SB CIO


Entry level inventory check in check out (SB CIO) software for small tool room inventory control. Runs on a single standalone PC. History of check in / out activity can be reported easily. Tool/inventory history can be reported. The criteria / filters are flexible...There are many more features available. Those are very intuitive and user friendly. The program is designed by a group of experts in the inventory management industry to serve the inventory check in / out needs of small business. Examples of use are: as small video rental kiosk or small tool room/trailer where you do not want to spend a fortune on an overkill software system. Sometimes all you need is a simple and reliable, easy to use system like this one.

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What others have to say

After having evaluated so many different tool room programs in the past years, ICICO stands out because of its simplicity and intuitive layout for tool room managers like myself.

Store manager of a major rental company

...Thanks again for the customized PB training. I couldn't get better information if I signed up for a professional class.

Senior IT staff of a pipeline threading and inspection facility

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate your commitment to this project and cooperation with selection of a person to support your work.

Operation manager of a pipline threading and inspection facility

Great Work, very impressive. Their system is updated with the Min/Max levels and the AutoGenerate worked great. The user is very happy. Thanks again for an excellent job.

Owner of a warehouse management services company